Roederer Winery Corridors

Reims, France

Pearl Drop. A timeless lighting fixture for the House of the Roederer Winery, one of the last independent and family-run wineries in France.

In 2022, Drinks International ranked Louis Roederer #1 "World's Most Admired Champagne Brands" for the third year in a row. French interior and product designer Thomas Beauclair and interior designer Alexandra Kalinine were inspired by the simple flexibility of Pearl Drop Signature Design as a lighting design for the winery’s new lobby.

The lobby boasts a sparkling glass dome made from the cut bottoms of wine bottles, like glass “bricks.” These round blocks of glass contrast beautifully with the organic hand-blown crystal spheres that create Pearl Drop. Rings of Pearl Drop’s triplex opal spheres light up the lobby for an elegant touch to this storied winery. The simple yet classy Pearl Drop rings are one of the most popular, predefined patterns that our customers choose.

We created seven circular Pearl Drop fixtures, each 160 centimetres in diameter. The spheres are hand-blown triplex opal and the frame is a refined polished brass gold. Each fixture has 53 spheres. The final look, which is complemented by the simplicity of the components contrasting with small metal knots, is distinctive, giving the historic space a classical glow.

As a traditional lighting company creating chandeliers for contemporary interiors, we were pleased to partner with this traditional sparkling wine maker who remains today at the forefront of Champagne production.