Ritz-Carlton Hotel


Designed in the traditional Ritz-Carlton style, this world class property encompasses stunning classic aesthetics with modern innovations through technology. The all-suite hotel brings elevated luxury within Cotai Galaxy Macau's new and exciting integrated resort.

We worked closely with HBA Singapore. The project was managed successfully thanks to the collaboration with Galaxy Entertainment Group, who perfectly coordinated all activities. Our chandeliers adorn several public interiors of the hotel, especially the ballroom. The client didn't want ordinary lights but classical crystal that would seamlessly coexist with the necessary projectors. Summed up in words from our colleague Jan Šípek: “As the designer of this chandelier, I can say that as soon as I became familiar with the idea, I realized what a great challenge lies in front of me. That's exactly why this is one of my favorite projects.”

The chandeliers are designed to be more than just a mere source of light. They are a great addition to the ballroom which supports the overall impression of the interior. It's not only about what the chandeliers can do but also about how they can magically transform the surrounding space. Many events take place here and each one of them can have its own mood and ambiance accompanied by special telescopic light features. The key was to imagine the ballroom filled with guests, with lights slowly dimming and chandeliers reaching harmony in smooth and elegant movement. All the elements come together to create a beautiful atmosphere through light in its various forms.

The whole concept is based on the unique combination of the early 19th century classical style and glass in motion. There are eighteen telescopic chandeliers of 36 arms in the ballroom. Each chandelier weighs 500 kg and its arms are placed in 3 different levels that repeatedly expand and fold back. Jan Šípek says: “Imagine a chandelier of 2, 8 m x 2 m growing from two to three meters in height and gradually changing its silhouette. It creates a visually impressive performance.” The movement and adjustment of the telescopic chandeliers is fully controlled by a computer.

Credit (Interior Designer): HBA Singapore