Queen Mavia

What could be more captivating than sparkling crystal reflecting the shimmering waves of the ocean? Preciosa fully believes that crystal lighting belongs on the sea as much as on land and has developed a specialized maritime programme to ensure our lights can shine anywhere and everywhere.

The Queen Mavia is a more than 182 foot (55 metres) yacht capable of carrying 10 guests and 10 crew members. The luxury interior was designed by the A Group & Gerard P. Villate. The team called on Preciosa specifically because they are able to produce the non-moving parts and special fixings required for lighting on yachts.

In the main space, guests can enjoy the glow from two lighted crystal columns, each more than two metres tall. Three chandeliers (two large, one small) consisting of crystal cut prisms gather guests together in various spaces throughout the yacht. A nearly three metre chandelier brightens the dining room while one more light hangs over the curved staircase. Everything Preciosa crafted for the Queen Mavia is customized for maritime purposes.