Private Ferrari Showroom, Al Shafar Investment Building

Dubai, UAE

Everyone has their passion. For one Dubai resident it is Ferrari. Not only does he own a number of the superfast cars, he also collect Ferrari artefacts, magazines and other objects associated with the brand. All this he keeps in his own private showroom. There was one thing missing however; a moving crystal light featuring the Ferrari logo. Until Preciosa Lighting got the call.

At Euroluce 2017, Preciosa introduced Crystal Automata. The kinetic installation features the mesmerizing motion of automata and the beauty of crystal. At the time, Preciosa Creative Directors Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug shared their inspiration behind the installation: “Bohemian crystal is known for its unique sparkling properties. By setting it in motion, these properties are accentuated, as distance and orientation to the light source constantly changes. So as well does the visual wonder and fascination; we bring the surprising mechanical principles of historic automata and clockworks to contemporary Preciosa lighting.”

Once the Ferrari lover experienced Crystal Automata, he was inspired to request ‘Ferrari Automata.’ Preciosa designed the Ferrari logo using black crystals and hung it amidst the moving strings of glass.

The light is 120 centimetres by 450 centimetres and is designed using Preciosa almond crystals in black and clear. The base is concrete bowl, which is glittering with Preciosa Stardust. The installation now holds pride of place in the showroom, surrounded by Ferraris.