Paragraph Resort & Spa

Shekvetili, Georgia

The Paragraph Resort & Spa Shekvetili, located on the coast of the Black Sea, is part of the Marriot Autograph Collection. Tucked away between an ancient pine forest and the magnetic sand beaches in Shekvetili, Georgia, this unique hotel complex designed by Paris-based HAT Design stretches dramatically into the Black Sea. Preciosa was hand-picked to create a series of design-forward light installations throughout the hotel to complement this unique location.

Inspired by the Georgian coastline, the first luminary that Preciosa created greets visitors in the lobby’s expansive walkthrough aquarium. Consisting of nine oversized crystal spheres suspended within contemporary coral-like structures, a total of 5,256 crystal cut balls were used. The illuminated crystal spheres come in two sizes: six spheres of half a meter in diameter made up of 279 three-centimeter cut balls; and three one-meter spheres consisting of 584 four-centimeter cut balls.

For the ballroom Preciosa designed schools of oceanic leaves in clear and iris lustre. Hanging in inverse lit “pools” these too come in two sizes. Six chandeliers, two meters by one meter in size, are created from 100 hand-made crystal components. The three larger installations are three meters by one meter and use 165 components each. A similarly designed formation winds through marble columns in another public space in the Paragraph Resort & Spa. This one is made up of two sections stretching 10 meters in length (with 210 hand-crafted crystal leaves) and four meters (140 crystal leaves).

The cherry on the cake is hidden in the Patio Suite King Bedroom. Here, delicate crystal leaves float over the master bed in tones of clear, mica and iris lustre adding a touch of ethereal elegance to the waterfront suite.