Omni Boston Hotel


Omni Boston Hotel at the Seaport features a contemporary interior set in Boston’s most exhilarating neighbourhood. It’s the largest hotel built in the city in decades and currently the fourth largest in Boston. Every amenity within the hotel was choreographed to provide an identity and reflects a celebration of the visual and performing arts, an unrivalled academic culture and Seaport’s ongoing dedication to innovation.

Dallas-based interior design firm Waldrop + Nichols Studio came to Preciosa Lighting looking for exciting lighting ideas for the Omni’s ballroom. Their vision for the space included a mix of colours and materials with reflective finishes. Through our collaboration, we discussed dynamic light movement and how it might look, the light’s reflection on materials compared to the light absorption of other finish materials, and light source placement. Preciosa’s experience and expertise helped the team make the final decisions on the fixture's look.

Preciosa designer Martin Prokeš worked with the Waldrop + Nichols team and designed nine ceiling installations created from acrylic panels. Each lighting segment is constructed from 88 panels in various sizes and carefully chosen colours. The colour scheme includes blue clear, blue frosted, rose, smoky, and clear. Eye-catching, dynamic movement is added to the space with this extraordinary fixture. 

A variety of other Preciosa crystal lighting can be experienced throughout the property. Wall sconces and pendants created to highlight the spaces’ design can be found in the junior ballroom, boardroom, lobby banquette, guest rooms, spa spaces, and pool bar. These crystal pieces showcase the knowledge and experience Preciosa has with this unique materials.