Norwegian Encore Cruise Ship

Here at Preciosa we are very proud of our maritime programme. It brings us great joy to be able to place handcrafted Bohemian crystal lighting on board luxury yachts and cruise ships. In 2018 we created an amazing dynamic installation for the Norwegian Bliss. This year, we again partnered with Tillberg Design of Sweden, as well as with Studio DADO, on another Norwegian cruise ship – Encore.

We created a total of eight lights in three locations on the ship. The highlight is located in the main atrium and was created in collaboration with Tillberg Design. It is more than eight metres tall and formed from thousands of handcrafted crystal beads attached to metal nets. We used a unique method to fasten the beads that makes the chandelier even more sparkly. Instead of pining them (the typical way) we used a special wrap and heat so the beads are basically ‘baked’ into the structure. It puts the focus on the shiny beads, not the support base. The result is an installation that appears light and airy, changing silhouette depending on your point of view. This in an RGB programmed chandelier; each crystal net contains thousands of LED points which can be individually programmed to create innumerable colourful scenes.

We worked with Studio DADO on the theatre entrance. Here are four SeAnne installations, each nearly two metres long. SeAnne is one of our most popular maritime lights with its underwater floral shape.