Illuminating Cruise Ship Explorations

Embark on the inaugural voyage of the The Explora I - the first ship from the luxury cruise line, Explora Journeys

Where Crystal Sails

A transformative ocean travel experience radiating with Bohemian crystal designs. Explora I is where passengers discover culture, art, and adventure, glowing with onboard innovations. Preciosa created numerous fixtures to light up this fresh cruising concept. Highlights include a maritime version of our Signature Design, Inspiral.

Discover the Explora I

This innovative cruise ship seamlessly blends elegant Swiss precision with modern European craftsmanship and vibrant design. It represents a new era of luxury ocean travel with its exquisite design, promising elegance, joy, exploration, and discovery.

Inspiring swirl of elegance

Inspiring swirl of elegance

Our Signature Design Inspiral plays a starring role in Explora I's Lower Promenade; this dynamic installation is nearly five metres long and three-and-a-half metres wide. Explora I’s Inspiral features various dynamic lighting scenes which add to the elegant atmosphere. It’s crafted from sparkling crystal components and a super mirror-polished stainless steel finish.

This unique finish creates extra sparkles and reflections throughout the space. With Inspiral, designers can draw a swirl of crystal across a space, and we transform the inspired sweep into a light.

Inspiral in numbers:
24.5 m overall length of the ribbon
2500 sparkling prisms
50 m of dynamic LED strips
1800 kg total weight

Crystal Elegance in the Atrium

The Atrium of the Explora I is a grand space that spans across three levels. At its heart stands our stunning crystal lighting fixture, stretching nearly 10 meters in length. This magnificent centerpiece boasts 400 crystal rods nestled in four metal boxes, each delicately infused with LED lights, creating a mesmerizing display of sparkling bubbles that captivate all who enter. Safety measures include the installation of special anti-vibration dampers to ensure maximum stability and security.

This design was mimicked in the Atrium’s wall sconces. Hand-blown crystal tubes with bubbles were strategically staggered and mounted on a polished stainless steel base. The complementary lighting designs connect the ample space with its soft, natural beige, sandstone, and jade hues.

Atrium fixture in numbers:
10 m long
3 m high
400 bubbled glass rods

Crystal Elegance in the Atrium
Shimmering lights from the bow to the stern

Shimmering lights from the bow to the stern

We created and installed 80 lighting fixtures throughout the Explora I. Each one was specially designed and treated to meet all maritime lighting requirements. In the lovely Fil Rouge restaurant, guests dine beneath elegant hexagon-shaped fixtures with round ribbed glass tubes on a satin bronze base. Wall sconces complete the look. Furthermore, the captain's dining room is embellished with a diverse array of design fixtures, including wall lights that perfectly complement the overall aesthetic.

Sparkling dining experiences

In the Marble & Co. Grill, rich tones create a compelling space, highlighted with unique lighting. Hand-blown opal glass seemingly strung on satin bronze frames highlights the strong atmosphere.

Finally, a sparkling welcome to the Sakura restaurant. On the aft promenade deck a minimalistic fixture with an asymetrical shape and 100 clear, bubbled glass rods is a lovely highlight to the corridor.

Sparkling dining experiences

Our Maritime Programme

Preciosa Lighting has the unique capabilities to transform fragile, lustrous Bohemian crystal into stunning lighting designs for luxury yacht projects. Our Maritime team incorporates skilled designers and design engineers, and our process includes solutions that help isolate all possible sources of resonation in metal and glass parts. The in-house R&D team uses various testing labs led by engineering, construction, and electrical professionals. We work with the world’s foremost superyacht designers and shipbuilders. Preciosa brings lighting of the highest quality and luxury to the finest vessels on the sea.