Mandarin Oriental Ritz


The Art Nouveau Mandarin Oriental Ritz in Madrid is reborn with help from the design studio GIlles & Boissier and traditional chandeliers from Preciosa Lighting.

The Ritz Cesar Hotel in the Spanish capital was founded by King Alfonso XIII, similar to properties in other European capitals. Leading Spanish and European companies at the beginning of the 20th century took part in the original construction. The elegant, luxurious, modern hotel has an original art-de-vivre and distinct European neoclassicism. Design studio GIlles & Boissier chose classic historical chandeliers from the Preciosa Lighting Collections portfolio to create their ideal interior lighting. We created lighting fixtures for the hotel spa as well as the luxurious Presidential and Royal suites. The designers were enchanted by the historical chandeliers Rudolf and Louis.

The traditional Bohemian crystal chandelier Rudolf is characterized by a rich decorative style, lots of trimmings and dazzling glitter. The uniqueness of this majestic chandelier, named after Emperor Rudolf II, comes from the perfectly cut components. The five impressive Rudolf chandeliers create a unique connection with the modern interior of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz. Three of the Rudolf chandeliers are part of the hotel’s wellness area and have a special surface treatment resistant to humidity.

Louis, another traditional chandelier, has also become a part of the Mandarin Oriental Ritz. Louis enchanted 18th century high-class society with his distinctive brass cast arms. As a bold symbol of luxury, well-being, and good taste, the iconic Louis chandelier was chosen by European ruling families for their exclusive interiors. Five of these traditional chandeliers are now in the Mandarin Oriental Ritz. Designers decided on a new interpretation of Louis, which retains its original shape but comes with different coloured arms and shades. Using this design creates a different intensity of light, changes the atmosphere of the space, and complements the eclectic design of the hotel.