JW Marriott Hotel Zhengzhou


The design of the JW Marriott Hotel Zhengzhou is inspired by the architecture of the 1,500-year-old Songyue Pagoda. This 280-meter-tall luxury hotel is set in the heart of Zhengdong New District CBD between the Convention, the Exhibition Center and the Henan Art Center.

We worked closely with the Duncan-Miller-Ullmann China based interior design company as a partner offering outstanding design service, unique technological solutions, non-standard delivery times, strong sales support and assistance. During the development of this project, we submitted more than 120 sketches, about 45 shop drawings, over 100 samples and 12 demonstrations of new technological solutions.

It resulted in nearly 50 design products that now decorate the following hotel interiors: Front Desk, Lobby, Lounge, The Grill Restaurant, Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, Elevator Lobby, Foyer and JW Gran Ballroom, Boardrooms, Public Bathrooms and the Vice Presidential Suite Living Room.

The trickiest lighting fixture, in terms of production and installation, was the floor lamp integrated in the hotel's reception desk. One of the most technologically demanding steps was the deposition of the metal on the bulky and heavy foot of the lamp. Maximum precision was required to insert the installation into the marble table. To guarantee a smooth result, we made a mockup of the table for the lamp in our factory where we develop all prototypes.