An Inspiring Design

Developed by Preciosa Design Team, the award-winning Inspiral concept is Preciosa’s signature design. Ranging from a few meters or a tens of meters in length, hundreds of crystal prisms attached to a flexible frame combine with LED lights to create a stunning glittering effect of swirling, changing colors.

And with its ingenious design, Inspiral offers endless variations in shape and size that are limited only by the designer’s imagination and the space itself. Together, these features make each individual light spring to life in such premier locations as the famous Palm in Dubai and the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti, not to mention many others.

Light in Motion

The idea for this particular Inspiral concept grew from a vision Jaroslav Bejvl had of a gymnast performing a floor routine, a ribbon of color swirling around her body as she moved. It was this concept of fluid motion and changing color that Bejvl wanted to capture – a dancing light. From there he developed the idea of shaping the light into a spiral to create a soothing, harmonious effect that could be molded to fit any space, big or small, any way a designer wanted. It is this flexibility that ensure that, just like dancers, no two lights are alike.

Signing Our Name in Light

As part of the presentation at the Light and Building Fair in Frankfurt am Main, Inspiral was introduced to the general public in 2010. Since then the concept has taken on a life that resembles its own glittering, swirling shapes, with Inspiral designs creating spectacular interiors across the world in spaces both big and small, famous and unknown.


Its flexibility makes each design like no other, and yet each design is immediately recognizable as Inspiral. It is this fact that has made it one of our most popular and best-selling designs ever, and our signature concept.

Cutting the Curve

Each Inspiral light is created from a specially deformed stainless steel ribbon that can be bent and shaped as desired. An LED strip comprised of small diodes lines the edges of the ribbon, changing colors according for different moods, whether according to the time of day or to suit a specific color palette. 

This light then refracts through the thousands of cut crystal prisms, attached to the ribbon with miniscule pins, to create Inspiral’s distinctive shimmering effect. Finally, the crystal prisms are designed to “cut the curve” – a technique for connecting even-sided prisms and turning them into a fully dynamic and organic form.