Ice Cubes


The Story behind Eternal Ice

The Areen design studio decided to freeze time and transform ice into a solid piece of art. They presented the Ice Cube concept to our lighting consultants and together, they discussed everything from design to applied technologies. This open dialogue guaranteed a smooth journey from sketches to final implementation. So smooth in fact, that we created a unique installation composed of 300 pieces of handmade crystal glass cubes for the Shanghai exhibition in 2014.

Cool Design

The strikingly modern and minimalist design of Ice Cubes carries strong symbolism and mystical energy. In ancient Greece, ice was synonymous with crystal. Today, it still holds true as it forms the key element of a private residence installation illustrating the 3 states of water: mist/vapour, liquid, and ice.

Areen Design


Working in collaboration with Preciosa enabled our design team to quickly see concepts constructed and realized. The collaboration with manufacturers further benefits the companies by generating exposure and we hope this will inspire other design companies to follow.