The Hyatt Regency London
The Churchill

London, UK

The Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill is a five-star hotel steeped in authentic British charm. The hotel’s décor, facilities and in-house outlets reference Sir Winston Churchill and the local area's history. Two of the Churchill’s meeting spaces include 6 bespoke crystal lighting installations from Preciosa Lighting, called Crystal Treetop. 

The function rooms on the ground and first floors include a ballroom, boardrooms and meeting rooms. Each room’s name refers to the life and historical background of Sir Winston Churchill. Preciosa worked with interior design consultancy Bowler James Brindley to craft an organic fixture inspired by nature. Our hand-blown crystal leaves are at the heart of this design. Designers decided on a mix of clear and clear bubbled components and requested branches “floating” within the installation. The idea was that from different viewpoints it would look like the glass components were hanging from the branches.

Preciosa designers suggested another touch: traditional almond shaped trimmings. These would symbolize morning dew on the tips of the branches. Crystal Treetop is inspired by treetops on a sunny summer day. Light passes through the branches and leaves and shines calmly upon your face. The Crystal Treetop installations range in size from four to six metres. Hand-blown crystal leaves in two sizes plus almond trimmings decorate glass branches with a gold surface finish. Crystal branches have gold metal coating. The installations are illuminated with downlights. 

“The spaces were very much inspired by Churchill as a man at home outside of his political position and the things that inspired him on a personal level,” said Lucy Southall co-founder of Bowler James Brindley. “Painting, particularly outside and at his Chartwell country estate was a very therapeutic pass time for him and the studios with the lights you made for us are symbolic of this, reflecting his impressionist painting style and love of nature.”