Hotel Tritone Therme


The Hotel Tritone Therme, located close to Padova and Venezia, is a place where you can pamper your body and rejuvenate your spirit. The Poli family has been offering its guests an elegant and comfortable setting, that is taken care of to the very last detail, for the last forty years. Elegance and comfort meet in an intimate and warm family atmosphere.

We enriched some of the hotel's private areas in close collaboration with the family. The Entrance Hall is adorned by Venus from Rony Plesl which visibly continues in the historical tradition of the PRECIOSA brand with shapes and technologies typical for the iconic Maria Theresa chandelier line. The author gave their fundamental structural aspects a new design and a new expression whilst preserving the basic chandelier silhouette as a connecting link between the past and the present. Venus in inspired by a female figure, decorated by subtle flowery symbolism made of opal glass. The ceiling of the Private Dining area now has a spectacular look thanks to the Diamond cloud - a decorative glass sculpture in the form of a wave made from technical glass rods of a triangular shape. Clear and matte rods are suspended individually and the further half is treated with the famous Bohemian Diamond cut.

Diamond Cloud is decorative ceiling glass sculpture, taking a form of a wave made from technical glass rods of triangular shape. Each rod is suspended individually and is in clear and matt version. The further half is cut using famous Bohemian Diamond Cut.

Credit (Photographer): Filip Šlapal