DAMAC Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts

Dubai, UAE

California cool meets Hollywood glamour at the Damac Towers residential and hotel complex in Dubai. Preciosa Lighting worked with HLA Design to bring a film star sparkle to the Paramount Hotels & Resorts which occupies one of the four towers that make up the Damac complex.

Preciosa Signature Designs are completely customizable based on a space’s design and use. HLA Design first encountered our Signature Design Diamond Cloud at the Downtown Design Dubai fair. Preciosa designers customized the basic design into two different versions for three of the hotel’s lobby spaces. Diamond Cloud is characterized by its polished stainless steel base and glass rods. For the two larger installations (one weighs 1200 kilograms, the second 800 kilograms) we used frosted crystal plain, crystal plain, frosted crystal cut, and crystal cut rods. The third Diamond Cloud used a mix of clear smooth and frosted smooth rods.

Hanging elegantly above a baby grand piano in the lobby seating area is a sculptural light designed by Preciosa designer Petra Krčálová. The installation showcases Preciosa’s commitment to craft with its traditional hand-cut crystal and hand-blown glass. A mix of glass used (crystal frosted, crackle, crystal with mica) gives the light beautiful brilliance. Elsewhere in the lobby seating area, Preciosa designer Lucie Sokolová took the glass rods and created two lights that look like birds taking flight.

And if all that bright bling wasn’t enough, HLA Design wanted one extra bit of glitz. Preciosa designer Radek Fiala designed three different ‘crystal curtains’ for columns in the lobby. These hanging beauties are composed of acrylic rings and crystal prisms, almonds, and cut beads.