Ciputra Hotel


An (Almost) Impossible Deadline

With only six months from initial discussions to final delivery and installation in the Hotel Ciputra Jakarta, many people told us it couldn’t be done. Some even said we were crazy for trying. The ceiling flower had to be unique and create a continuous form. The four wall torches would require special attention. And the one hundred forty-nine meringue lanterns would have to be hand-blown. We would even have to create a new type of form in order to make this element come to life. But crazy or not, deliver we did.

Time was our greatest adversary


Preciosa sale representative Jan Zastera felt the pressure right from his first meeting with the client. Time was limited, and the amount of work to be done was vast, from designing and hand-blowing one hundred forty-nine meringue lanterns, to producing the wall torches in the specified weight and form, to the creating the unique ceiling flower. But obstacles are meant to be overcome, and delivering on time brought with it a feeling of a job well done.


6 months
The time from first meeting to final installation.

154 lights
Total lights, including 149 lanterns, 4 wall torches and 1 celling flower.

3 colors
Not just red, the meringue lanterns came in other colors as well.

70 cm
The largest lanterns.

Hand-blown meringue lanterns

Sweets season came early to our factory when we set to manufacturing one hundred forty-nine hand-blown meringue lights in three different colors, ranging in size from sixty to seventy centimeters. To accomplish this we had to first create a specially designed form that allowed us to replicate the characteristic shape and details of the lights’ sweets namesake. Finally, we had to further design a special location for the cooling process – or should we say, where the meringue lights could kiss the air?