The Chandelier Bar at Four Seasons Hotel


If you visit a place called the ‘Chandelier Bar’, you’re probably expecting to see a fairly impressive chandelier. If you’d like to see an iconic one, and enjoy a cocktail as well, visit the new Chandelier Bar in the Four Seasons Hotel, New Orleans.

Preciosa Lighting worked with designer Bill Rooney Studio to create an elaborate centerpiece for the cocktail bar. The brief was to design an installation using the classical shape of a traditional chandelier but add a modern touch by using a mix of different shaped trimmings. The result is a contemporary fixture in the form of a twirl featuring a classical shape and components.  

The light is more than three meters wide and includes almost 16000 trimmings in a variety of styles. More than five kilometers of wire was used to hang the trimmings. The fixture features a unique hologram shape, surrounded by a curtain of crystal.  Chandelier Bar guests can have an interesting evening ‘interacting’ with the chandelier as its look changes depending on where you view it. From the front, you’ll see the shape of a traditional chandelier but when looking at it from a different angle, you’ll see a sphere shape. No matter where you sit though, crystal will sparkle on you.