Castle of Crystal Wonders

Paris, France

Ribbon of Light

Preciosa Lighting crafted an unparalleled fairy tale lighting installation fit for a royal kingdom. Using hand-crafted crystal and specially designed technologies developed just for this project, we majestically took our client’s lighting vision from dream to reality.

Dreams Unfold

Step into a dreamland where reality meets fantasy - our latest bespoke installation in Paris, France. An exquisite, sparkling piece straight out of a fairy tale. Ready to witness the magic?

Crystal Majesty

One of our most impressive bespoke projects to date. The magic castle doesn’t only wow in terms of size, but also thanks to its dynamic elements. Dozens of different hand-blown components, hundreds of trimming chains, and illuminated stars are just a few of the innovative aspects that make this installation a showstopper.

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Crafting the Illusion

This project was the ultimate challenge. Our Lightkeepers created more than 70 moulds for the hand-blown components used to build the castle. It took two months simply to produce these special moulds. Several teams across our production facility in Kamenický Šenov participated in creating this noble piece of art. Many hands touched the castle, including glass blowers, hand cutters, polishers, metalworkers, and many more.

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Exploring New Realms

Exploring New Realms

Our in-house team went into overdrive, developing a number of new and unique methods for this exciting project. The hand-blown crystal stars were created by fusing, polishing and hand cutting the glass and they were lit up using more than 1000 metres of optical fibres. This attention to detail and original thinking is how we create unconventional lighting solutions.

Fantastical Inspiration

The original client's vision was refined by our internal Senior Designer Lukáš Uliarczyk. Simple crystal forms are transformed into a mesmerizing castle. Note glamorous gates, towers, and roofs shimmering with a kaleidoscope of rainbow shades, reminiscent of the frosted dreams in a winter fairy tale.

Lukas Uliarczyk said:
"The client’s design team requested a one-of-a-kind light installation design, that would make the hotel lobby sparkle and enchant all guests. Their idea was to wrap the magic castle with a tender crystal veil. The final installation was inspired by the iconic Mont Saint Michel. We turned the client’s design dream into a sparkling reality. I am proud our team made it happen."

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5,7 metres tall

591 trimming chains

1,020 metres of optical fibre

1,200 kilograms in weight

11,982 crystal trimmings

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