Auriens Chelsea


Auriens is a luxury residential property in London’s Chelsea neighborhood. Design studio Brady Williams Interiors took inspiration from the area’s classical Georgian architecture and infused the building with spacious, fresh interiors and a relaxed elegance. Preciosa Lighting created bespoke lighting for the property’s wine room, private dining room plus a stunning stairway installation.  

A nearly five-metre cascade of cut crystal rods embedded in a satin brass metal tube brightens the stairway. Almost 250 hand-cut components were carefully hung to create the understated yet elegant fixture. The crystal rods used were inspired by Flare, one of the solitaires in the Preciosa Lighting Collections portfolio. Clustering solitaires is a wonderful way to create fullness and depth. We created a custom design cut for this installation’s Flares, which perfectly encourage the dispersal of light. 

In the private dining room, textured glass and polished brass come together to create a contemporary fixture for over the dining table. The bespoke chandelier features 90 pieces of hand-blown crackled glass segments. Each segment is hung on a metal rod featuring a polished brass surface. In the wine bar, two geometric dimmable fixtures hang over a tasting table. Frosted crystal rectangles are brought together with satin brass metal frames, giving the lights a sophisticated look, which highlights the rich interior of the space.