Aspira Business Centre

Prague, Czech republic

Not all lighting designers have the luxury of creating an installation for a 23-metre high atrium. Preciosa was pleased to work with the design team at Studio Acht to bring a touch of underwater mystery into the Aspira Business Centre in Prague.

The atrium is hung with crystal prism lights. The cuts allow reflection from both daylight and interior lighting at night. The light source is at the top, which means light rays are scattered throughout the space. Because of the atrium’s glass walls, light is also mirrored from the lights themselves and from natural daylight. Another unique aspect of this installation is the natural airflow through the building causes the lights to slowly sway, again casting sparkles of light throughout.

In addition, there are two organically shaped lights that add a sense of movement and calm. Their free-floating nature gives the installation and the space an extra feeling of flow. The material used to create this shape is called slumped glass and was produced by TGK, Jaroslav Švácha. Studio Acht designed the concrete moulds that allowed the glass to be formed in this way.

It is the combination of manufacturing technology, glass craftsmanship, and sophisticated design that has created an overall harmony between the installation and the building’s architecture.