Address Hotel


For this luxurious hotel, Preciosa designed and manufactured 32 types of original lighting fixtures, lighting objects, crystal curtains, decorative screens as well as 2,900 vases. The configurations of loosely suspended elements, distinctly illuminated by smart light sources, currently represent the dominant architectural trend. The desired effect is achieved by creating simple-in-shape configurations of glass elements loosely suspended to form large, impressive compositions and patterns as dominant interior lighting decorations.

To enhance their overall visual effect, the individual elements are illuminated by pulsating, color-changing light sources. Such lighting configurations are used primarily as conceptual constituents visually interconnecting the interiors’ individual segments. About the hotel – The Address Downtown Dubai, the flagship property of Emaar Hospitality Group's five-star hotel brand, is located in Downtown Dubai. The hotel, with its 63 floors, boasts a central tower that soars 306 meters high. The tower, completed in 2008, is the 6th tallest building in Dubai.