Hospitality Private Areas

We create elegant lighting for every room

You want the feel of your rooms and suites to be an extension of the hotel’s atmosphere. We work with you to create bedside, table and floor lamps, ceiling lights, and wall sconces. Our private hospitality lighting extends to bathrooms, in-suite dining and living spaces and more.

Your reliable, long-term lighting partner

Preciosa Quality

No matter if you order one large statement chandelier for your lobby or 500 wall sconces for your guestrooms, you can be sure of Preciosa’s promise of quality, dedication, and attention to detail. 


Competitive Pricing

You may think custom designed and produced glass lighting is beyond your project’s budget. Think again. We are happy to suggest possible solutions that will achieve your vision, within your budget. 

Flexible Production Times

Managing a large design project is tough. We work with you every step of the way to arrange production, delivery, and installation within your timeframe.


Preciosa’s light and glass knowledge dates back nearly 300 years. Working with us, you have access to this expertise, taking full advantage of our R&D, engineering, and design experts.

Relaxation and comfort are what guests are looking for.

Use lighting to create that ideal experience.

What type of lighting do you need?

What type of lighting do you need?

Preciosa can create just about any type of lighting fixture you desire, in any style. We have experience creating guestroom lighting (bedside lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, etc.), corridor and elevator lobby lighting, main lobby and reception chandeliers as well as specialized lighting for suites.

Unlimited & Unique materials

Glass is our specialty and we know how to make it glow. But our lighting material bank extends far beyond. We source globally for the perfect accompaniment to our pure glass.

Our lighting comes in glass, of course, but also metal, acrylic, wood, ceramic, and more. We can produce custom embellishments and create sculptural shapes that make the most of the materials chosen.

Lamp shades are an important consideration for both functionality and design. We can produce glass, fabric, and paper shades in a variety of shapes and styles.

Unlimited & Unique materials
Inside and out

Inside and out

Preciosa’s R&D team is constantly researching new materials, as well as challenging the ones we already have. We can produce safe lighting for wet and damp environments (bathrooms) as well as weather resistant fixtures for poolside, outdoor dining spaces, balconies, and terraces.

Lighting for today’s guest

Lights nowadays aren’t always controlled by a simple switch. Voice or movement activated, smart control, and other lighting technologies are no longer a rare occurrence. Preciosa’s engineering team designs lighting systems for smart hotels, creating solutions that fit seamlessly within the property’s larger scheme.

We can also add RGB colour, dynamic or interactive features or other elements to make your lighting stand out.

Lighting for today’s guest

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