Cultivation of Chandeliers since 1724

Preciosa creates original lighting designs that inspire and connect people. Various classic chandelier styles have influenced each other over the centuries, blending and recreating themselves to reflect the trends of the time. The Collections portfolio showcases our Cultivation of Chandeliers concept. This is where we use craft combined with new production methods, materials and technology to create chandeliers that enlighten spaces as beautifully as they did hundreds of years ago.

100 crafts under one roof

All of Preciosa’s work is done under one roof where one hundred professions come together to craft the perfect light. From the first sketch to the mock-up to production to finishing and assembling, Preciosa’s professional team ensures the highest quality and greatest attention to detail. Our advanced R&D Lab is ready to add an innovative touch. Nearly all of our production is done by hand. Glass is in our DNA; we breathe it, sculpt it, refine and shape it.

How we cultivate chandeliers?

Cultivating chandeliers means conserving the chandelier’s original spirit but also redefining it so the light complements both modern and classic design schemes. The next chapter is to offer a luxury line of chandeliers featuring a contemporary connection.

Historic Designs

Historic Designs

Tradition. Exclusivity. Elegance. A historic chandelier brings many elements to a space. Preciosa’s history of crystal and light has seen us create many originals through the years. We believe these historic treasures can still find a place in today’s interiors and are intent on preserving them.

Our Historic Designs are based on traditional Bohemian chandelier styles. Our Collections portfolio features five chandelier styles that most represent this long and extraordinary tradition

Contemporary Colours

Our Contemporary Colours line gives a lively look to our classical chandeliers. Fresh colours, silk lampshades and frosted glass offer another level of options if a strictly historic chandelier isn’t fitting with the design. The light reflections from frosted crystal create a softer glowing effect while lampshades not only add to the warm ambience but allow for the addition of colour. We look at our Contemporary Colours line as a floral tribute to our chandelier heritage.

Contemporary Colours
New Interpretations

New Interpretations

These are contemporary chandeliers, inspired by the spirit of Bohemian craftsmanship, generations of glass masters and our iconic chandeliers. New Interpretations connect people who are looking for a modern design light that embraces the history and heritage of traditional chandeliers.

Our lighting families

Cultivating chandeliers means conserving the chandelier’s original spirit but also redefining it so the light complements both modern and classic design schemes. The next chapter is to offer a luxury line of chandeliers featuring a contemporary connection. Our Collections portfolio offers three chandelier lines: Historic Designs, Contemporary Colours and New Interpretations.

Rudolf family

Cut crystal chandeliers are characterized by a rich style and the amount of trimmings. The brilliance of Rudolf comes from both the trimmings’ distinctive cut as well as the cut of the hand-blown crystal parts.

Rudolf is named for Emperor Rudolf II who was fascinated with crystal cutting. The Rudolf family pays homage to this perfect crafting of light. Historic Rudolf is an exemplary traditional Bohemian chandelier. Moving the design forward, the Contemporary Colour and New Interpretation bring cut crystal into modern interiors.

Rudolf family lights

Maria Theresa Family

Is there a more regal light piece than this? Maria Theresa’s sumptuous feminine curves and shimmering trimmings embraced by a metal and glass arm design can expand horizontally to provide radiance and atmosphere to any space.

Maria Theresa is the chandelier that truly illustrates Preciosa’s knowledge of craft and keeping of tradition. All versions of the Maria Theresa feature rosette trimmings. When original chandelier producers were looking for inspiration, they often turned to nature. Floral motifs were popular in many historical designs. Maria Theresa features the rosettes and pendalogue trimmings that are inspired by leaves, shapes that honour this tradition.

This chandelier illuminated the majestic coronation of Maria Theresa in 1743. Found at Prague Castle and Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, amongst others, this is a truly regal light piece

Maria Theresa Lights

Eugene family

Enduring elegance and unrivalled beauty - Eugene has stood the test of time thanks to its modern simplicity. Its startling silhouette is formed from central elements that are free from ornateness; the arms and candleholders incomparable in their reflective possibilities.

This distinctive glass chandelier narrates a rich history, being the first complete glass arm chandelier to have been crafted in Bohemia. This story progressed when Preciosa added bright hues to its Contemporary Colours version. Eugene’s story was complete in the design of Echo, a tribute to the perfection of glass. The Historic Design was chosen to light up Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy’s Schloss Hof

Eugene family lights

Louis family

This iconic Bohemian brass arm chandelier was a revolution for its time, enchanting 18th century high society. Radiating luxury, affluence and good taste, this piece is a bold, expansive statement of light. The crisp silhouette and coveted clarity ensures Louis will continue to captivate today’s interiors.

New methods of casting brass revolutionised the production of chandeliers in the 18th century. These brass chandeliers were a sculptural work of art and brought an incomparable atmosphere to exclusive events such as the wedding of King Louis XV’s daughter to King Philip V of Spain at Versailles.

Louis family lights

George family

The George family of brilliant chandeliers is inspired by the so-called English Regency style of chandeliers. Its enduring appeal lies in the fact that the geometrical arrangements of the chandelier’s trimmings are put into the spotlight while its structural elements remain in the shadows.

Crystal octagons and drops form the chandelier’s body with a traditionally pressed metal belt featuring floral motives bringing the piece together.

George family lights

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