Illuminate your senses in Crystal Valley

Embark on an extraordinary journey and witness the enchanting fusion of light and crystal. Join us to unravel the captivating magic behind successful installations, where each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and brilliance.

Spark your imagination

Preciosa DesignLab is a creative, collaborative space. It’s an exciting place for designers to have fun learning about, and exploring, crystal and light.

Preciosa DesignLab

Where designers come to play

Join us on a little adventure to discover the Lightkeepers of Preciosa.

Our people are the heart and soul of Preciosa, and their stories are as inspiring as their craft. We are shining a new light, not on a space, but on our people. The people whose passion for crystal, tradition and light create the stunning installations found round the world.

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Introducing a Master Glass Cutter

Ivan Pátek is a Preciosa Lightkeeper who brings brilliance to our chandeliers and installations.
“I try to add heart and soul to this unique material through my grinding.”

We are Home Here

With respect and gratitude to the city, which is our home, all the above-mentioned installations were created by our Lightkeepers. These are exceptional people whose hearts beat with a passion for crystal, craft, and tradition. Every day, they put not only dexterity and ingenuity into their work, but above all a piece of their soul.